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Professional Air Duct Tips

The following pieces of advice will help take better care of your air ducts and HVAC unit, as well as teach you how to recognize the presence of various contaminants inside your home.

Check the frame of your HVAC filter

The ideal condition of the frame is strong and durable. It should fit the opening perfectly so as to eliminate possible air leaks. An oversized or undersized frame, on the other hand, not to mention one that has become too fragile, will make the filter much less efficient and will considerably increase the risk of air duct contamination.

Regular inspection is important

Inspect your air ducts regularly to see if they need to be cleaned. Look out for any signs of mold growth in the ductwork or any other part of your HVAC system. Excessive dust and dirt can easily clog the filters. If there are any rodents or pests inside your ductwork then the situation demands immediate professional attention.

How often should I get my air ducts cleaned?

Most home and business owners are aware of the fact that air ducts to be cleaned every year, but not many of them know that there are other factors that can make more frequent cleaning become necessary. Factors such as your home or office being in a dusty neighborhood or if you've recently suffered from flooding. Even the presence of excessive moisture could mean that your ductwork will need to be checked and cleaned more often.

Deal with air duct leaks without delay.

Leaks are dangerous because they lessen the efficiency of the HVAC system and let contaminants in. The best way to seal them is to use a specially designed sealant and not a regular DIY material like scotch tape that simply cannot do the work. If the leaks have caused contamination of the air ducts, they should be cleaned right after the repair.


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